Tamara was my prenatal and postnatal massage therapist for both of my pregnancies within the past 5 years! She is so knowledgeable and truly does care about “little mamas and babies”! You feel that right from the start…..
I firmly believe that her massages not only made me feel better with all of the growing pains, but it led to easier and quicker deliveries! Both babies were out in 3-4 pushes 🙂 and were healthy and happy. I also did not have any trouble with swelling or blood pressure. If you are considering prenatal massage or a doula, Tamara has my highest (and only) recommendation!!!!! You will not regret it…. I promise!  ~Briana Mast

Tamara has been massaging me for about 10 years now. When I recently became pregnant with my first baby, I immediately wanted her to do a prenatal on me. It was the best massage ever and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable (which is hard to feel when pregnant). She is also scheduled to be my Doula for the birth of my baby boy! Tamara is very caring about her clients and their health and well being. She is excellent at what she does and she definitely goes above and beyond for all of her Mamas!!!
~ Amy N Raymond McCreary

I was lucky enough to have Tamara be my doula 11 years ago when I had my first son, What a blessing she was! She has an incredible heart and is wonderful at caring for others in a way unlike anyone else. ~Ashley Wale Spiller 

Tamara is so amazing!! She did all of my prenatal massages for me and I couldn’t have made it through without her! (and her puppy Pico🐶) I always left feeling so refreshed and renewed. Every pregnant woman deserves a massage and Tamara is the BEST in Nacogdoches! ~ Catie Dromgoole 

Tamara is absolutely amazing! I have received prenatal massages during both of my recent pregnancies from her and she has truly helped me. Highly recommend!
~ Tiffany Dockery Smelley

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